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The Art of Imagination: Surrealism

June 25th, 2015

The surrealist movement began in Pairs in the mid 1920’s when a group of artists decided to search their subconscious minds to unlock the power of their imagination to create art. Surrealism was a global movement that began after the Dada movement in art and culture. Images such as dreamland fantasy figures, melting clocks, and headless humans are common elements in surrealist works. One of the Dadaists, Andre Breton, wrote the surrealist manifesto in which he described surrealism as an attempt to combine the world of dreams with the world of reality to make a world of “surreality”.

One of the most influential artists of the surrealist era was Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. From an early age, Kahlo’s life was difficult due to several injuries that she incurred from a car accident. She found inspiration for her work both from the troubles of her life and the roller coaster of emotions that were brought about from her marriage to artist Diego Rivera. Kahlo’s first show in New York City took place in 1938, thanks to Andre Breton, who introduced her to the art world as a Surrealist. Although Kahlo found her work to be realistic depictions of herself and of life, that appears to be far from the opinions of many. Kahlo let her imagination and feelings run free in her works by showing angry objects hanging over her to show her feeling of hopelessness when she was suffering from her injuries. Khalo died in 1954, but she left a significant mark on modern art, and opened doors to many more Surrealists.

Setting your mind free to delve into the world of dreams and fantasy while mixing it with the world of reality is what one has to do to create a surrealist piece. Join us at the Markeim Arts Center to learn more art through our extensive variety of classes, workshops, and exhibits. Give us a call today at (856) 429-8585 to learn more.