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Works of a Woman’s Heart: A Tale of Two Women ft. Sharon Ann Smith & Katey Carlis | Opening Reception

June 16th, 2022


Works of a Woman’s Heart: A Tale of Two Women featuring Sharon Ann Smith and Katey Carlis
Opening Reception: Friday, July 15 | 7:00-9:00 pm

Markeim Arts Center is proud to present Works of a Woman’s Heart: A Tale of Two Women, a showcase of the creative works of South Jersey artists Sharon Ann Smith and Katey Carlis. The show is on view from July 15-August 26.

Join us for the opening reception on Friday, July 15 from 7:00-9:00 pm.

$10 | Free for students with a valid ID (students may email for registration)

About the Artists

Sharon Ann Smith is a South Jersey artist who has been featured in various solo and group shows throughout the region and online. Sharon refers to her art as “an expression of my love of flowers, nature, and all things full of life” and looks to the world, experiences, and people around her for inspiration. Using a complete palette of colors, Sharon brings unique perspectives of relics of the past and modern day life by painting subjects such as fresh flowers, porcelain antique jardinieres, brass vases, and unique china cups. Sharon’s message is simple and pure: “Filling my canvas with the hope and beauty of the seasons, it’s truly a thrill to share my work with you. It is my belief that art is an engagement of the soul and I bring my heart to each piece I create–where spirit meets world. It’s my greatest pleasure to have my works of heART displayed in your home and on display for everyone who loves truth, beauty, and light. Thank you for being apart of this heARTful journey.”

Visit Sharon’s studio online at or schedule an in person showing of her work by contacting Keep up with Sharon on Instagram and Facebook at @sharonannstudios.

Katey Carlis’ art is a bridge in the midst of construction, desirous of a crossing between inner and outer realities. Contained within her work is the longing for a reuniting of long repressed feminine principles with the culturally dominant masculine norms. The circle, a reappearing symbol throughout her body of work, is a primarily feminine image that carries within itself the elusive notions of wholeness, interrelatedness, embodied existence and integration. Carlis describes her work as a dream of connection, one which could allow us to span the gap between our distinct individuality and the deep, inexplicable connectedness of inner and outer nature. The foundation of Carlis’ work is rooted in a few questions: “Are we separate and distinct, untethered from one another and from the world? Or are we unique beings embedded in a vast, oceanic flow that moves with mystery and purpose?” These questions have manifested differently, becoming several distinct bodies of work including her Mandala series and Black & White Drawing series, both of which will be on display for this exhibition.

Keep up with Katey at or on Instagram at @kcarlisart.

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