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Ceramics: Firing Services

March 25th, 2021


Firing Services Pricing:
Member: $25 for half a kiln load (2.5 square feet)*
Nonmember: $30 for half a kiln load (2.5 square foot)*
*Must purchase low or mid fire clay from MAC to use in our kiln

Artists with prior ceramics experienced are invited to create pieces at home, which will be fired at Markeim. Clay must be purchased through Markeim to ensure uniform firing in our kiln. Arrangements can be made to glaze work in our studio. Firings are offered on an ongoing basis; Markeim staff works with artists to schedule firings. Greenware must be bone dry and glazed pieces cleaned of glaze on the bottoms when dropped off at Markeim. The price indicated above is for standard slow-firing; additional settings including long candling times incur an additional fee.

When purchasing this service, you are indemnifying Markeim Arts Center for any pieces that may crack, break, blister, explode or any other undesirable results. Repair of any damage done to the Markeim Arts Center kiln as a result of melting or exploding of artists’ work will be the responsibility of the artist.

To ensure the safety of Markeim staff and guests, masks must be worn in the company of Markeim staff.

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Jennifer Coelho has been taking ceramic classes for 16 years at a variety of schools and studios.  She is currently a few credits away from finishing a Ceramic Technologies certificate program at Clay College in Millville.  She finds the creative process — especially working with clay– to be restorative, healing and joy-filled, and wants to share that with others.