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Vera Resnik

vr.thumb_-150x150Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

“My whole being is nurtured and stroked by nature’s beauty – a profound peace awakens within when I see a drop of water precariously suspended on a leaf, the sun slowly crest over a mountain, a lone mushroom popping through resistant ground, the sky painted by the setting rays of last sunlight, ice crystals clinging to tree limbs, a leaf lazily meandering in a forest brook, mist spiraling from the valley floor, the intricacies of a spider web. . . “Vera can be contacted at : 609-702-1004

I have been moved and inspired by the natural world for as long as I can recall. When photographing, I am drawn and transported into another world, one that is always willing to share its harmony of form, texture and color. The noise of the world disappears as I concentrate on the sights before me. Nothing seems to exist except my focus through the viewfinder. When someone looks at my photographs, I hope that they, too, are transported to a tranquil and rejuvenating place, one of peace, contentment, and smiles.