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Richard Montemurro

RM-ME-XA1BaAbout the Artist

The artist is self-taught and has been involved in photography and computer graphics since the mid 60’s, specializing in Art Photography and Computer Art since the early 80’s. He has several hundred thousand original images in his files, which are still growing daily.

His images have been exhibited in art shows in New Jersey and galleries locally, nationally, and New York City, and are currently being shown at the John Lynch Limited Editions and Collectibles Gallery in Collingswood, New Jersey.

He has won numerous awards in art shows and competitions and his images have been published locally, nationally and internationally, both in print and on the Internet.

His experimentation with manipulative photography began in the 80’s and the advent of the computer has enabled the artist to pursue new directions in creating digital images. He calls the resulting images Digographics.

The artist is currently creating computer images using combinations of his original photographs and computer art. He has recently begun using the IPhone 4S in creating images to expand his field of creativity and has been exhibiting with several local art groups in Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey.

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of merging my photography, computer art, and an occasional original abstract painting into digitally manipulated images.  I begin with either an original photograph, abstract painting, or computer generated image and manipulate them, either by combining segments of several different images into one final work, or individually enhancing the original piece until I have created an image to my liking.  No image is ever really complete, however, as I may rework it in the future.

My objective is to create images that are unique in themselves and to present the viewer an opportunity to view an image that is something other than “just ordinary.”

I use digital cameras, including the IPhone 4S, to first photograph the image(s).  They are then uploaded into my computer, where they are manipulated in Photoshop, and, on occasion, other programs depending upon the effect I wish to achieve, in order to create a result, which is different from the usual photographic image.
All images are printed on an inkjet printer, using archival inks and paper. Other than physically photographing the actual images, all of the artwork, etc., is performed using computer technology.

Photographic and Computer creations can be seen and purchased at my Web Sites and pages: and