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Artist Members

Lori Jo Jamieson

LJ-Jamieson-150x150Formerly a resident of Haddonfield, Lori Jo Jamieson now lives in Atlantic County, NJ. In photographing what she sees around her, she hopes to capture the delicate beauty of nature – seeking out its hidden patterns and simple perfection by taking a second and third look at the ordinary. She gets inspiration from the natural areas of Cape May and Atlantic Counties as well as in Warren County, New Jersey, where she and her husband Peter are fixing up an old farmhouse and barn.

Lori Jo finds photo-ops while kayaking, hiking and gardening. Sometimes, the best things happen while she’s simply and patiently watching, aware of natural situations that have potential to yield a great nature shot. Her photograph, “Conversation,” appeared in last year’s ALL NATURAL exhibit and features two trees apparently discussing the snowy weather. It is included as one of three examples of her work below. She can be reached at Visit her website for more of her work.