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Gary Koenitzer

Gary KoenitzerGary Koenitzer started as a street artist in the streets of Philadelphia in 2004 and somehow about seven years later started getting accepted into some of the best galleries and events in Philadelphia and NYC. He quickly moved from very limited sales anywhere to international sales everywhere coming primarily from his popular website.  He is not entirely sure how this all happened but he is not asking questions nor looking back.  He works in multiple mediums from paintings on canvas, photography, digital painting and film.   He has established himself with a recognizable painting style called “Linear Mix” frequently admired and noted by curators and collectors alike.  He is also known for creating digital characters who have a growing fan base all of their own. Gary’s work has a very wide range with everyone from all ages, tastes and walks of life finding something they like. Visit his website to get the full story about the most famous unknown artist in the world.

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