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Eleanor E Feller

EllieFellerCPpicture11-4-09Eleanor Feller, artist by nature, accidentally fell into this wonderful new found world during a time, when her Mother, Anni Nossek, of Blessed Memory, passed on –in 2003.

Ellie found her path via painting at that particular time in her life, as one amazing coincidence which led to another. While relaxing in a steam room, she became friends with the artist, Ann Call, who invited her to learn art in her home with other ladies. This was appealing to Ellie as she learned so much from her. After a short period of time, Ann passed on and left Ellie saddened yet interested to learn more. She followed up with a neighbor, Len Wexler, a retired graphic artist, who was able to give her information on simple techniques. Upon doing so, Ellie wanted to learn professionally and, ultimately ended up in Markeim Art Center, located in Haddonfield, NJ, and was taught by an amazing artist and teacher, Ann Kelly.

Ellie has since had several of her pieces juried in and displayed in Markeim Art Center, Old City Jewish Art Center, in Old City Philadelphia, the William Rohrer Library, in Westmont, NJ, as well as other locations. Ellie explored with a variety of media. She dabbled in oils, acrylics, watercolors, as well as mixed media.

Ellie believes that variety is the spice of life, particularly in art. The artist that mainly inspires her work is Monet for his Impressionism. She has since done city and country scenes, birds, flowers, European landscapes, etc. It’s her style that makes her so unique. Her focus in details as well as usage of vibrant colors, gives her paintings excitement.

Coupled together her detailed focus on colors, movements and excitement in her subjects, makes her a work refreshing and somewhat different as an up and coming artist of today.

Ellie feels this is her calling in life! She can be contacted at