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Help Your Child Appreciate the Arts

March 17th, 2015
Help Your Child Appreciate the Arts

When children are young, everything they come in contact with and the experiences they have shape the rest of their lives. People often underestimate how important it is to expose children to art. There are many advantages in doing so: it encourages them to have a better sense of self-expression, creativity, and imagination. In addition, experience with art teaches your children self-discipline, how to take risks, and how to think with an open mind. You can encourage your child to dabble in the arts by doing the following:

  1. Provide Easy Access to Creative Materials

Young children thrive when they are able to create things and use their imagination. Providing them with the tools to form a piece of their own art is important. After your child makes an art project, urge them to talk about the importance of what they created and to explain their thinking process throughout the process.

  1. Take Visits to Local Art Museums

Museums help to improve children’s critical thinking skills. You can ask your child to describe paintings and why certain ones catch his or her eye. Museum visits also help young people develop an appreciation for the visual aspects of art.

  1. Look at Wordless Picture Books

Allow your child to look through pictures and come up with their own explanations on the pieces. While examining each book, a child learns how to use their imagination to tell a story.

Whether creating a piece of art, talking about personal opinions or forming a story in their head, art promotes a well-rounded individual. The Markeim Arts Center offers various classes that teach your child how to unleash their creativity and inner emotions through at step by step process of how to create specific pieces of art. Here at the Markeim Arts Center, we allow them a safe environment to explore the world of art with a bit of guidance along the way. Call us today at (856) 429- 8585 or stop in the studio to schedule a class time for your child.