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Get a Head Start on Introducing Your Child to Art

May 1st, 2015
Introducing Your Child to Art

Schools either introduce children to art at an early age or completely disregard it. Not many elementary schools take the time within the curriculum to teach art history or appreciation. By the time your child is able to take an art history class in high school, they should already have some insight into the world of art. At a young age, children are able to soak up information quickly and teaching them about art and the history behind at this important age will lead to a life-long appreciation. Here’s what you can do to help stimulate that interest.

At an early age, parents can take their children to see modern art exhibits, which are filled with large shapes and bright color that will captivate the child’s eye. Viewing art at this stage can be helpful for your child to learn about other things, such as counting and learning colors. Ask your son or daughter what they see after looking at these shapes and varying hues. To spark their imagination, you can also discuss with them why they think the artist painted this picture.

Once your child is old enough to enjoy various forms of art, it’s recommended that you show them picture books focusing on art and artists. Flipping through the pages can help your child imagine life during the time that each specific piece of art was created. It is important to point out how the people in the paintings are shown; what they are wearing, what life was like at that time, and discuss what children did during the period the painting was created. Ask your child how the art makes them feel in order to encourage the formation of an emotional connection to the piece.

As your child nears adolescence, they should have a strong concept of several different styles of art. To help your child learn more, encourage him or her to make connections between the various genres and discuss how they differ from one another. You could ask how artists influenced one another or how figures are depicted differently in one piece versus another. The more a child is exposed to art and the more a child investigates an artist and their work, the more he or she will learn.

Overall, The Markeim Arts Center has many art classes, camps and programs for children of all ages. To get that head start on introducing your child to art, call us today at (856) 429-8585, to join an upcoming class.