Made in Ameri©a

A collection of photographs by Erik James Montgomery connecting the dots between America’s history and America now. Made in Ameri©a captures untold stories of race and oppression, (in)justice, and the power of Black joy.

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Each image (including Erik’s headshot) contains an audio file that will automatically begin playing when the individual image is clicked. These clips were selected from an exclusive artist interview with Erik in March 2021 and cover topics ranging from Erik’s introduction into the art world and his view on legacy, to Black joy, supporting artists, and the dark history of America’s relationship with race and oppression.

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Featured Local Artists

Markeim is proud to feature the original works of local artists Erik James Montgomery and Sharon Ann Smith. All artwork listed at the links below are available for purchase. By purchasing artwork through Markeim, you are not only supporting local talent and stimulating the artist economy, but also supporting the mission and work of Markeim Arts Center. Click the links below for more information!

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